Beast in human form

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I have heard of several story about violence and the trending one is domestic violence even though that is not the only form of violence that we have.

How I wish everyone can get to understand that we all should abode in love and not in agony with one another but it seems the storyline is not clear to some people and all they could think of is violence and not nothing much.

The Bible speaking about violence did not say against one another but the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent take it by force. Going back to the book of Ephesians, it was recorded in the epistle of Apostle Paul that "for we wage war not against human but against people of high places of the world and principalities but many have taken their war to be against humanity. 😭😭😭

It is a #sublimesunday so let me give you a rundown of what happened.

Waking up late

Yesterday was the grand finale of our youth week and I was suppose to be in church as early as possible but the rain took the sleep to another dimension. ☔☔☔

Okay, I am not blaming the rain but I had to rush out, take my my bath and go to church without thinking of what to eat. I got to church quite late but it is better than not going.

After the service

We visited two of our youths at their respective homes but we were surprised that they were living together in the same compound.

No, it is not funny but at first, we think we're going to different places only to find out that we only need to change rooms.

All through this visitation, I was late already because I have an appointment.

Yesterday was #catholic #motheringsunday. One of my boss where I served was celebrating mother's day so we were to visit her but I kept my colleagues waiting for so long that I was later sent the address to meet them at the place.

Even me, I was disappointed to disappoint them. 🙄🙄🙄

We took some pictures together but the person has not sent my pictures for me. 😂😂😂 So imagine how much fun I had.

A quick decision

After the celebration, it was getting dark and we have to go then all of a sudden, I remembered that I knew the house of one person but did not know the other person.

I asked her if I can know her house and she was glad.

The road is not new to me so it was easy to understand my way back even though it was late.

The unexpected happened on way back.

Violence at its peak

There was no direct bus so I had to take keke to different bus stop before I finally reach house.

It was in one of the keke that I witnessed violence in another dimension.

The keke man bruised a Toyota Camry and before we knew, the guy driving was out of the car and started slapping the keke man without checking what was wrong with the car. 😭😭😭

I was in so much pain that if I had the capability to buy the guy a new car, I would have asked the keke man to slap him back and pay him off to get a new car but I could not and that broke my heart.

After the whole slapping scenario, we checked the car and it was a little bruise. Nothing was spoilt.

Then I started wondering, what if he was the one that hit the car against the keke, will the keke man hit him?

Violence is the exertion of power on a weaker vessel which did not necessarily have to be a lady.

Any form of illegal force used against anyone is violence and should not be celebrated in any way.

The society is so polluted that we neglect humanity as a way of life and embraced selfishness.

I witnessed violence in another dimension. I have no other word to qualify anyone that abuse others other than "BEAST IN HUMAN FORM"

Let's I forget, I have a picture of our youth week.


Can you spot me in the picture?

Let's call it a day for now, I am still feeling somehow because of what happened.

Till I cross your path again, I am like a ready made pen in the hand of the creator. I am


Thank you for sharing your post in Dreemport. It sounds like you had quite the eventful Sunday, albeit somewhat removed from being sublime at the end of it. I hope you can focus in on the good you achieved and remember your Sunday for that part :-) I do hope the keke man was ok after the incident and I am so sorry that you had to bear witness to that and feel so helpless to provide assistence !ALIVE !LUV

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That event will be the second time I witnesses a heartbreaking event that I really wished I could do something about it.

Yeah, the day was a great one but it ended with a clause. 😕😕😕

The alive make me alive.



Can you spot me in the picture?? How? 😏😏. Me that came around to ask which one of them is you nkor?😒

Don't let me exert violence on you this evening o 🙄😏😒


You like violence. 🙄🙄🙄

Let play a game.

Remember we are same complexion so guess and listen to your instinct. 👂👂👂