IAAC #129 enjoying chicken wings in rainy weather

Welcome Y'all to my Blog,
This is my #129 participation In.

Hey how are you guys doing I hope everyone is having a great time 😎

I had been busy these past few days I had a lot to do so I didn't get much time to post.

today I planned to relax cause it was raining so I thought of ordering spicy chicken wings I took a lot of time as it was raining outside but I wanted something to eat in that great weather.

as It was raining I got on my balcony to enjoy the cold breeze it was fun to get relief after hot summer days it rained for 20 to 30 min but I think that would be enough to keep the night cool

it took 1 hr for takeaways to arrive here are some pics anyway I'm alive and happy so keep enjoying your life to the fullest see you soon in the next post

I am grateful to be alive and get to live a happy life 😎

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Great to see you alive and well @aiovo, and that you are enjoying your life even when it rains, and the chicken wings looks tasty, enjoy your day and stay awesome.

Made in Canva


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It is good to see that you had a pretty relaxing time during and after the rain. In Oman, we are waiting for rain in our place but it is yet to come.

Hope that the chicken wings were delicious.