Stay away from fear

I have been pondering why people live in perpetual fear.

I remember when my friend ran into a trap of urinating in a place that urination was prohibited but he didn't check the notice inscript on a wall. Before he realised some heavy weight guys came out and surrounded him. Just one shout of hey! And he turned his face to see them, he messed.

Even when those guys did not do anything to him the damage was done already.

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Fear is the greatest limit to one's ambition in life.
I learnt driving after my secondary school and I was perfect with the steering and ready to take commercial driving but mum started crying that I will die in the process, fear couldn't let my mum accept my proposal and like that I was discouraged.

sincerely speaking we came to this world to see everything and nothing will we take back when we die life is short and demands taking opportunity as they come.

Fear has a way of making a man timid and by being afraid many opportunities passes by.

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