From Me and My Wife's Experience: Business and Entrepreneurial Vision, Strategy and Tactics - Couple POB Maybe



We managed to have someone helping with the child during the day, but Aly's not that happy about this person. So, we'll see about it.

Tactics and strategies...we're both focused on improving any thing which can be improved.



And in this perspective, I will write about it today.

A framework that we both practice - btw, we consider ourselves to be an entrepreneurial couple because we're working together sometimes on our mutual projects - that we like to work through when we're trying to figure out whether to do something is this:

Vision > Strategy > Tactics Model

Most people are focused on tactics. An example of tactics would be:

“Hey, if I put weird little emojis in the subject line, the clickthrough rates will increase.” Or, “Hey, if I join this Telegram group of crypto signals, I’m going to be able to know which coins to buy before the general public.” Or, “Hey, my wife seems angry today. What if I just get her a nice bouquet of flowers… that seems to do the trick.” Whatever.

Strategies and tactics are awesome.
Incredible even.
They include the exact steps that can grant you a small (or now and then a enormous) boost to your commerce or other objectives. The issue with strategies is that they’re brief lived.
The good thing about strategies is they’re most regularly super simple to execute. The drawback is that since they’re so simple to execute, everyone does it. Soon, a strategy gets to be commonplace.
Nature breeds contempt… and things go back to the way they were. You can’t construct genuine riches and long-term victory with strategies.
Tactics are just the gasoline you throw in an already roaring fire… to give it that extra boost.

What sits above tactics?

Tactics should serve strategies.

Strategies are the models you follow.

For example, some people use the really great strategic model of getting a bunch of people into their funnel for free, and over time, turn them into paying customers.

That’s not the only way, of course.

Me and Aly, my wife.

Our strategy, for example, was that we typically start at the high end… and we tried to work with the top line clients from the start , as opposed to starting free and building our way up.

We've started with high end products that are designed specifically for people who are truly committed to being successful.

Our strategy was not a WalMart strategy, it was more of a Whole Foods strategy. Both are viable models.

Different contexts and different characteristics determine which model is employed.

For a strategy to work, you need to have a few things.

You do one thing exceptionally well, you do one thing pretty well, and you do the third thing slightly better than average… and everything else is just mediocre.

That is a great strategy.

Now what lives above strategy is vision.

And the vision is the thing you’re committed to doing over the next decade or even 25 years of your life. NEAH....Both me and Aly create visions for each project for maxmium years. we agreed that is the period "of life" for the projects that we have. After that period, we can become more flexible with what we build.

60 years and 2 days ago...
For example, almost exactly 60 years ago, on May 25, 1961, President Kennedy announced that USA's going to put a man on the moon. That was the vision. The strategy, of course, was multifaceted, we had to develop a ton of things, to test them, etc. The tactics were all the workarounds, bandaids, and ingenious shortcuts to make all this work on time.

Many businesses and entrepreneurs like me and Aly share the same vision: to put a customer absolutely ahead of everybody else. Which is very uncommon in this business. People will usually put affiliates and joint venture partners ahead of customers.
Our strategy is was also to organize and deliver some webinars, because webinars allowed us to give value before asking for a sale.

We prove what it’s like to be our customer before someone would become our customer. And then we give them the opportunity to be our customer.

The final consideration is tactics. This is where we have the most freedom since we have our vision and strategy in place.

Sometimes, we’ll did no replay webinars. Sometimes we did webinars that straight up tell you that hey, we’ve got a product at the end. Sometimes there’s more of a build up, and then there are other even more fancy tactics than that.

Bottom line is this.
Both me and my wife are too busy now and want to approach a new strategy soon.Investments sound better to us lately.


Anybody trying to make money online who doesn't have a vision is fighting a very uphill battle.
If you don't have a vision, any strategy seems valid and viable, and oftentimes you build strategies that are contradictory to each other. And the whole thing falls apart.

Most people don’t even have strategic thinking. They’re very tactical minded… which is why they jump from one cool tactic to another and aren’t successful as a result.

So when you go back to the game board you should check yourself, and first, ask “hey, what’s my vision?”

What’s the thing I’m willing to commit to for the next 10 years of my life to… to have an absolute paradigm shift happen.

The strategy will be - what are the 1, 2 or 3 things that are going to most likely serve me the longest to help me achieve that vision.

And the tactics are… what things we can slap on it, bolt on it, to incrementally accelerate things in the short term that get us traction and momentum.

Good.I just passed by to tell you we are still trying to find time to brainstorm more on our future business and investments. Meanwhile,I though "Why not delivering some content on Hive?"

Thank you for reading, Hive fellows!

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Awesome blog! Great examples and great explanation! All three are important for success in their way... I would maybe add GOALS between vision and strategy step, as they are one of the important basics for creating a strategy...

Thanks for sharing!

I have picked this post on behalf of the @OurPick project and it will be highlighted in the next post!

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Yes, goals are the 1st priorities before we develop any strategy. Thank you very much for your input.
Where would we go without knowing where we wish to get?

You're completely right!


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