Investing 100$ into Splinterlands - My Top Five Trade Deals


Hello guys! Last week I decided to get a second splinterlands account as an actual investment while the other one is mostly for fun. In this second account I invested exactly 100$ and that will be it. I won't put anything more into it, so i can keep saying "Hey guys! Look how much money i earned by investing nothing but 100 USD!"
I bought my spellbook and 11 quest potions. The rest went into trading and renting.

Ein Abenteuer lohnt sich an sich..png


Currently my Card Collection on that account is valued at 191.21 USD, while there are 20.67 USD in DEC (2495 DEC).

Brave Value 16.8..PNG

As you can see, I have made many more trades than I'm going to disclose here. These are just the biggest profits of last week.
These numbers should be enough for bragging rights. I don't want to make it too obvious, how I'm trading. I'm not a genius and the strategy is pretty obvious, but I don't want hundreds of other people to start doing the same thing. :o

My Favorite Trades





Bought for 42 USD
Sold for 55 USD

Profit: 13 USD


Serpent of Eld.PNG

Serpent of Eld

Bought for 35 USD
Sold for 44 USD

Profit: 9 USD




Sabre Shark

Bought for 3.37 USD
Sold for 9 USD

Profit: 5.63 USD




Unicorn Mustang

Bought for 10.1 USD
Sold for 14 USD

Profit: 3.9 USD




Spark Pixies

Bought for 9.9 USD
Sold for 12.5 USD

Profit: 2.6 USD


Remember, that there is a Fee of 5% attached to the sales. I bough the cards on Monstermarket to get some decent cashback on the fee, but I'm way too lazy to add that consideration into the math above. So remember that actual profits were slightly lower.
I plan on doing this kind of report every week and there is no way I will keep this up, if I have to check the Cashback at purchase and market fee for every sale against each other.


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