Eagles and Vultures: Opportunities in Crypto for all

Eagles are magnificent creatures, one of the most glorious animal species in the world which are mostly associated with royalty, strength, courage, and charisma. They may be birds of prey but that doesn't take away their gracefulness, they are masters of elegance in chaos. They are a proud bird species, in that they don't settle for crumbs, they don't eat any other hunters' kill, they kill their own meat, carry their own weight, and then feast like the royalty that they are. They can even be found on some countries' official flags and logos.

Vultures, on the other hand, are dirty opportunistic birds (Sorry to any vulture this might offend) who like the eagles love to eat meat but don't have the industry to hunt and kill so they usually come around when a feast has already started and they must feed, they do not care whose ox is gored. They like to hover around, in close proximity to where they sense a feast brewing and whenever a pound of flesh is left unguarded by the owner, BAM! they snatch and run...
I know you would be wondering where I am going with this whole NatGeo bird analysis, well, don't wonder too long, I am going to 'crypto money' and how we all chose to feed, as we are presented with different but same output is expected - YOU HAVE TO FEED.

It is a given that whenever a money-making venture of such magnitude as the cryptocurrency industry springs to life, it does so with equal opportunities for everyone who gives a shit. Yeah we all see things differently that's for sure, every human has a different level of emotional and intelligence quotient, where some see opportunities to do good, some only see the capacity for evil, where some see despair, others see hope and opportunities.

Cryptocurrency is leading the pack in the cutting edge industry, and there hasn't been an industry quite similar in providing the platform for just anybody, absolutely anybody to start small, with zero financial investment and make millions in a matter of months or a couple of years. How you decide to make this said riches within the crypto-space is entirely up to you, but we know that when there is a will, then there absolutely is a way.

I know an Eagle, he is a buddy of mine, practically started his life and crypto journey on the back of 2018 crypto airdrops and bounties. He earned quite some Eth providing admin services to projects trying to find their way into the market. He also received some really tasty airdrops from different projects that amounted to some significant $.
With these funds in his coffers and his natural shrewdness with money (He said he learned it from reading The Richest Man In Babylon), he invested a little bit more of his time in learning Technical & Fundamental Analysis, and when he felt his hands are strong enough, he started Day and Swing trading. Day trading might be one of the riskiest types of crypto trading but I think he is doing okay and with the bull season getting even bullish, my friend is certainly a comfortable man.

My friend is an established crypto trader, he has since learned about how to invest in new budding projects with the potential to explode, like all the new meme projects you can see on Pancakeswap (I think the more ridiculous the name, the higher the potential. LOL)

I know some more Eagles on Leofinance, Steem, Hive, and other blogging platforms who started as Eaglets and are now soaring Eagles. They started by merely writing their thoughts, providing proof of brain, and then they powered up and staked their claims in these wonderful platforms and they have earned the rights to be called Eagles in the crypto industry.
One of the sweetest things in the crypto industry is the potential to go from $5 to $5000 in a matter of weeks/months. (Don't forget that you can also get rekt quickly too but hey, we are talking about positives here). Dogecoin, Freecoin, and even FORTH made a lot of people rich, in the past few weeks.

Now, it is not a money-making industry if there aren't vultures circling, trying to eat where they did not kill, is it? From hackers who want the contents of your wallet for themselves to petty thieves who devise many clever means to deceive you into sending the little satoshi, you are trying to compound to them. I have seen all these during my short time dealing with crypto, and I have fallen victim to some of these schemes.
These clever schemes seem to be multiplying because of how outrageously easy one can make money in crypto. What some of these schemes need is just a shred of believability and precedence to succeed in their act.

I am currently involved in a lot of airdrops, while some are legit, others are banking on the ridiculousness set as precedence by the legit projects and defrauding unsuspecting victims. Usually, the developers of some projects would do all the financing up until the first exchange listing, before sourcing for more funds from investors, who they, in turn, sell to at a discounted price so when the projects get listed on major exchanges and the price moons, everybody smiles.

Some projects also do the kind of presale where you send a certain amount of BTC/ETH/BNB and they send you a certain amount of such token, it has verifiably happened like this countless times with legit projects and this is what I mean when I said that the scam projects bank on the ridiculous precedence set by legit ones to scam people because now scammers just set up a Twitter profile with a certain name, announce the development of a certain project, people troop in because they want freebies, they want airdrops.

Before you know, they have thousands of followers on Twitter and Telegram and they talk some good game, talk about presale and discount sales and ask people to send a certain amount of BNB to get 100,000 of their shit unexisting tokens. People fall for this because these guys have a shred of believability (their social media numbers) and precedence (it has been done before by legit projects)


These hovering vultures refine their game to suit whatever level the crypto game is at, whenever a legit project does something newsworthy to reward investors, vultures do almost the same thing to reap them off. I fail for a very good scam last week after the FORTH airdrop which rewarded those that hold or ever held AMPL with $FORTH token worth thousands of dollars. One of the many Telegram airdrop channels I am in shared an "airdrop" similar to that of FORTH. Here, you are required to open a certain link through DAPPS (found in your Trustwallet, Metamask, etc) and claim 0.10 CAKE every 5 minutes.

Now, what the catch here? Well, the catch is, you will have to connect your wallet to the site that opens up in that link, and when you connect, you invariably give them access to whatever funds is in that wallet. This is a very clever scam, the page that opens up in the link is very well-formatted, very professional-looking, like what you would see on an Exchange. I fail for this scam because I was lucky to connect with an empty Safepal wallet which I have since uninstalled from my phone but lots of other people weren't so lucky.

Does anybody still remember the hack on some top American personalities' Twitter accounts last year? Yeah, those guys came into some serious haul with what they did once they had access to these celebs accounts because everybody loves to double their money, don't they?
Eagles and Vultures both feed, they feed on meat, regardless of the quality and source of the meat. The Eagles eat fresh, self-sourced meat, the meat they worked for, Vultures on the other hand steal and eat what other animals killed. They are opportunistic and sly but they still eat. Which are you?

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