If You Make More Than $150k Per Year, Consider Moving To Singapore


If you make a lot of money, come to Singapore! This chart's pretty interesting because it shows that if you don't earn much, you pay more taxes than you would back home. But if you earn a lot, you pay a lot less taxes.

Funny how that works, but it does work pretty well. So if you're from the UK or even the US, you'd save about $17,000 - $30,000 in taxes. Pretty neat and Singapore's really clean and safe. It really is a pretty nice country to park your money in.

Also, for all of you involved in crypto, there are 0 capital gains taxes. This applies to stocks but importantly, crypto as well. The way it should be, to be honest.

My personal experience is that the amount you save on taxes does add up. I had a chance to move to a neighboring country but would have ended up paying close to 40% in taxes. As much as I loved my boss and that job, no way could I spend that much of my salary on taxes. Not when I have cleanliness and efficiency for low taxes back home.