Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge! HAUNTED SPIDER


This week's Splinterlands Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge is shining a spotlight on the Haunted Spider from the Death Splinter. It has become one of my favorite cards and I'll tell you why!

Theme of the Week: Haunted Spider


In the battle below, I show how a Haunted Spider can be used effectively against a Water Splinter opponent with a Kraken for a tank thanks to its poison ability.

The Rules and My Set-Up

  • Fog of War & Equalizer
  • 26 Mana Cap


Summoner: Zintar Mortalis

  • Position 1: Haunted Spirit - Given the Equalizer ruleset, having a healing ability for extra life during the battle would come in handy.
  • Position 2: Shadowy Presence - Low mana card to build a gap between my tank and the rest of the team at the back that my opponent has to fight through.
  • Position 3: Ancient Lich - Given the Equalizer ruleset, starts off at an advantage than he normally would have and builds up even more HP with every round.
  • Position 4: Halving Alchemist - To break my opponent's weapon so that hopefully, my Haunted Spirit at the front can heal sufficient damage each round to last a long time on the battlefield.
  • Position 5: Haunted Spider - To hopefully poison my opponent's tank so that it dies quickly with the additional two damage per round.
  • Position 6: Soulstorm - Its usual low life is negated with the equalizer ruleset. Fast attack to break my opponent's shield quick.

Did my strategy work?

It definitely worked better than expected thanks to the poison and weapon breaking coming through in the first round. See the full battle here

Round 1: Initial back and forth but my opponent's tank, The Kraken, has been poisoned and has its attack damage halved to 2.
Round 2: Opponent's Kraken is mortally wounded but scrapes through to the next round thanks to a heal from his crustacean.
Round 3: Opponent's Kraken has fallen. Halving and poisoning works its magic on my opponent's next card in the lineup. Given the reduced damage, the Haunted Spirit is able to effectively heal all damage taken from the round.
Rounds 4 - 12: With the Haunted Spirit healing more than the damage it takes per round, my opponent doesn't stand a chance and a victory is inevitable. Poison helps to shorten the battle.

My Thoughts on the Haunted Spider

Poison doesn't always trigger but if it gets triggered in the first round, it can be pretty effective in taking out the bigger tanks that are backed up by a healer as the poison works at the start of every round which is before the healer gets to work.

Is it worth leveling up? Definitely worth leveling up till level 4. Beyond that, the additional 1 or 2 damage isn't much of a difference in the Gold League. It doesn't have any further abilities so I will keep it at level 4 for a while.