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I think that like several comments I saw, it would not be a good idea 3 people with access to an account it is obvious that anyone could make a mistake and point to another party, if I am honest and I hope this is taken as a very personal opinion and It shouldn't influence anything at all. The issue of delegations seems to haunt those who have a greater interest in providing quality content and at the same time receiving feedback, lately it seems like a race to unionize, contrary to what should be a community that is just laying its foundations and is facing challenges, I am sure that we all see the effort of each one here, and we do not have to cover the sun with a finger, there are many users who do it really well, and if I am correct it will only be a matter of time for the merit to touch their door, either in the form of a delegation or a compliment from community members. It would be great if this effort that is now being made was redirected to solving other aspects of the community. greetings to all and I wish you much success, because luck is for losers!

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