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Some times I stake more than 5 times a day, as little as 0.2 pob, I don’t mind going through the hivesigner process of staking multiple times, it’s always like if I don’t stake, it would evaporate, lol.

Just now I had a redeemed reward on pob, while I was trying to stake it, I noticed some changes that wasn’t there yesterday which is 20 minutes ago as at time of stake, 12:20am, on the

After staking, then I took my time to study what exactly the changes was all about, then I realized that a great job has been done to ease the access of account for users. The update made the site look more like a bank app interface which is very much earlier to access.

One can easily do anything on the site, upvote, downvote, delegate, create proposal, delete proposal, even vote a witness, name it. All you have to do is to sign in on hivesigner, you would see 3 options, click on the sign transaction and see all your options waiting for you.

The first option is authorities, I don’t have a clear understanding of it wet but I am on it.

Then the last option is to remove from hivesigner meaning log out from hivesigner.


While trying to explore the new update, I logged myself out of the site and tried to log in back, but I didn’t find it easy. The site asked me to import an account but there was not option for importing account, none that i could fine. So I feel this interface/update could still be worked upon for easy logging in.

I recommend this new up date, easy to use and understanding only that the important account is missing, a good interface as well. Weldon to the team at work over here, try as much as possible to rectify this issue and keep the good work going.

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