Gods Unchained - Roadmap for 2023, lot of big news coming!

Gods Unchained - Roadmap for 2023, lot of big news coming!

Recently the team behind Gods Unchained revealed their road map for 2023. Let us take a look at what is planned for the remainder of the year. I am sure there will be some interesting stuff indeed.

**Q2 **

There are two things on the books for Q2, meaning they should be just around the corner. The one most people most likely will be excited about, and want to try out, is the new game mode. So far the only information I have been able to find, is what they revealed in the road map, the name of the game mode "Sealed". Let us pull our train into speculation station and see if we can get some guesses into what the new game mode can be.

With the name "Sealed" it is obviously something that is either hidden or unknown. There is a play mode called Sealed in Magic the Gathering. And it might just be they are going with an "if it ain't broken" approach and porting it over. If that is the case then players have to construct their deck from 6 booster packs. They can also add how many land cards they want, whether they were in the packs or not. Also, they do not need to use all cards.

This format however will not really fit as is for Gods Unchained. For the very reason that the number of cards in a pack is different compared to magic. They have 15 cards, or there about there are some set variations, and if I remember correctly one of those cards at least is a land card. That puts them at a ratio of over 2 to 1, almost 3 to 1. This means we need three packs of cards to have as many cars as it is in a Magic booster pack. Sure the decks in Magic use a larger number of cards, with Seald having 40 cards in a deck. Back when I played Magic it was normal to have around 1/3 land in your deck. If we disregard the lands in a deck that leaves us with ~27 cards. That puts the number of cards you need to pick from a booster pack at 4,5 cards. This means that they will only pick around 1/3 of the cards in the packs.

Magic booster packs
Magic boosters prepared in nice stacks of 6

If we apply that same math to our situation with 5 cards per pack. And if we are being generous, let's say we pick 2 cards from every pack. That still means we need to open and select cards from 15 booster packs. That is a lot of packs. With the current price of a Mortal Judgement pack sitting at $2.09, that means you are expected to ~$30 to play this new game mode. If it is a pay-to-play thing. And if they implement the version used by Magic.

I sincerely hope it will not be a pay-to-play thing, at least not with this price tag. A $GODS token or two sure. But forking up $30 to play. That would be a hard pass for me. Also, I would argue the whole deck crafting part is very different to do IRL compared to online. At least for me, it is. I far more enjoy the IRL experience compared to the online one. That means in order for this new game mode to be successful. It would need to be fairly fast. Because you do not want to spend 1 hour making a deck to play a 20 min game.

What would be interesting however is if this new game mode allows you to pick boosters from any of the major sets, then construct a deck from that. Obviously, you would not be allowed to keep those cards. But something like that would mean way more variety for us players. And it would mean a way cheaper buy-in price. I would also assume that they either make special boosters for this mode. Or they allow for smaller decks. Both options could be interesting I think. It would certainly add some variety to the game.

But then again, the name Sealed could just be eluding to everything in this game mode, the cards you get and what not is sealed from the ranked game mode. A bit of a stretch, yes. :P

Well, that's all the speculation I think one person can handle, and given we did some math as well, everyone's favorite subject in school, as well. I think we need to get the train moving. The second thing announced for Q2 is a new pack opening "experience". Whatever that means. I assume there will be some sound pumping you up as well as some flashy sparkly things and some nice animations.

New pack opening

This is not really something I think was needed. But they say it will make things run smoother, especially setting things up for mobile. And that I am all for. So more changes like that I guess. ^^


The first point for Q3 was looking like a bit of a downer. And that is the introduction of their new Content Creator Program.

"But... wait a minute, you're a content creator."

"Well yes, yes I am."

"Should you not be excited by this then?"

Yes technical I should, if it were not for the clarification. And that is it is only for video creators. "We want to empower our creators by providing them the freedom to create videos of their choice". To be more exact. Personally, I think it is a mistake to only see content creation as video. And I have expressed my feeling regarding this to GU, which is why it is only a bit of a downer. And not a total sulking party.

Responce from GU marketing team

But I can only be slightly optimistic at this point. As I got this response back from the GU Marketing Team. I have been burned too many times by my own belief. That I now take a more passive, don't celebrate till it is done, approach. But if they include other forms of content creation, all the more power to them. And I will gladly sing their praises if done.

The second thing announced is a $GODS staking dashboard. I assume it will now be much easier to stake and partake in the different features moving forward. All good, no complaints here.


This is probably the most exciting part, and it also confirms what was said earlier. And that is if everything works out, of course, we will have GU on our phones for Christmas. This has the potential to take GU to the next level. Really bring in a ton of new players. Exposing them both to the game and to the world of crypto. There are however several major big butts and ifs. But with nothing more than a soft launch to go by, I have to assume the captain of the ship knows the water we are sailing in. So all I say is full steam a head captain!

The second thing announced for Q4 is an overhaul of the server logic. This along with the mobile soft launch is probably one of the more important things for the game. Because if you wait for it to break down, then you're already too late. So them announcing something like this on the road map is something I take as a very positive thing. Especially because it is so far in the future.

The last bit of news for Q4 was a fairly bland thing of little to no importance. And I am thinking of skipping it. What no, don't skip it. Ok then. In Q4 we will be getting our next big expansion. This I am assuming will be on par with the current expansion of Mortal Judgement. As non of the recent expansion have been what I would consider "big". I also will assume it will be the main expansion going forward for the next year or thereabout as well. In a similar way to how Mortal Judgement has been sticking around. But this also means we most likely will be getting some smaller expansions along the way. But they are keeping that info for themselves at this point.

If you want to read the roadmap post in its original form, then there is a link included down below.

That was the 7 points announced for the remainder of 2023. Is there anything that got you excited? For me, it is probably the mobile soft launch that has me most excited. With the big expansion coming in second. And the new game mode is in third. That is mostly because I am afraid they will do something half-assed, as they did with the community event. But fingers crossed that I will be wrong. Please share with me what has got you excited for the rest of 2023.

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See you on the interwebs!

Picture provided by: Gods Unchained Media, fair use


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I am very excited about the roadmap, and hoping to see the changes/updates soon!


Same here, as we currently are in Q2 and almost at the end I think we can expect the first two things to come pretty soon.