Does money rule over passion?

Today, it looks as money rules over passion.

We take up jobs we do not like because of the pay. And its survival instinct. But then we can always navigate our finances so we can truly do what we love most
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How? Someone can decide to put away a portion of what they earn consistently and allow it to accumulate. Then invest this accumulation in a mutual fund, in the stock market, or in a less risky portfolio like a certificate of Deposit.

If he or she allows the power of compound interest to work its magic, it would serve them in the future. They could either use the profits to open their businesses or leave their jobs early and retire.

The difference here is how we handle the funds we receive from jobs we do not like. Do we spend them all out of boredom? Or do we remember we don't like our present situation and save for a change?

The best version of yourself

The media has sold us lots of things that make us feel insecure sometimes. And we often think that we will only become the best version of ourselves if we had this or that. We could and sometimes we wouldn't. But there are things that we can control and that's what we do with the present version of ours. Do we beat ourselves up or do we thrive to become better? The question is left for us to answer.

You can be the best at certain things

When life presents you with opportunities you can choose to be mediocre or excel at them. Whether it's financially or otherwise. And if you keep working hard, you might be able to get lucky and turn your life around.

Health is wealth

It doesn't matter how much you have or make your health has to factor in all your plans. For you may not be able to enjoy all the wealth you accumulated if you are not healthy enough. So take good care of yourself.

No one cares about your expensive gadgets

Not a soul. People only admire the gadgets but not much about you for owning them. You should stop thinking that having expensive things and flaunting them will earn you respect and admiration. Instead what earns you respect and admiration is humility, kindness, empathy, etc.

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