Have you met a mysterious person today?

Imagine meeting someone for the first time and they sweep you off your feet by how expressive they are.

In their presence, you feel a sense of importance, and that makes you feel good about yourself.

They tend to understand what you meant when you spoke with them

Their understanding marvels you because no one understands you at all

Finding safety, comfort, security, and a sense of dependency in their abode is mind-blowing

This feeling makes you look forward to your next discussion, meeting, or encounter

If it takes too long, you begin to dwell in the bits and pieces of conversations you had in the past with them.

At some point, you tend to remember their smiles, the way they laugh, how their hand moved in response to what you said.

You picture how their eyebrow narrowed in concern when you mentioned something that hurt you in the past

They might have left every distraction, came closer, comforting you with words, and touches here and there.

As you keep exploring the memories, you discover they were the sweetest humans you've ever met

What planet are they from? You begin to ask. Soon, you realize you have spent a lot of time thinking about them

If you did not get to share contacts because of how abruptly the meeting ended, you silently pray fate will grant you the wish to see them again

Slowly, you begin to take solace in the memories of these beings. They seem to have fallen from the sky, and literally disappeared afterward

Something had changed in you since the encounter you had with them. You are beginning to see how beautiful the world is.

You are surprised at how few of these beauties you saw in the past until then. You smile more often. You are miraculously cheerful

You have been infected with all the positive affinity of life. You cannot help it, but your hormones are changing.

Something is going on somewhere in your system, and you have no idea what.

You like the feeling but it's strange. You have never felt like this before

What is going on? I cannot tell you. Maybe you need to ask the mystery person you met

Oh right! Your mystery human had decided to stay mysterious.

Just when you felt like giving up, behold, they reappeared

But the joy of seeing them again flush away all of your questions. You can't even remember the things you promised to say to them.

You are gasping in awe at the person who has turned your perspective around with just a single meeting and interaction

Somehow, you are forced to ask......where do you come from?

And they answer.. ......from the sky

No way! Stop joking around you say while beaming with smiles.

Obviously, do I look human to you? They continued

Now you figured this person is right. They are clearly not human.

I mean you've never met anyone human that spurs your imagination around.

Or have you?

If your answer is yes, then, you met a rare breed of human

Hold unto such a human very tight. The wind is likely to take them away. Just the way he brought them to you

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I think for some, lots of people come and go in their lives and if one's lucky, they come and go at the right times.

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Lol! This sound like my 20-year-old self. I guess as we grow older our needs change. Nicely written piece.

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