RE: Can common people change policies?

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That's what the government always do. I'm glad you're opening your eyes to reality !

This is all your fault (hehehehe, a good fault though), you asked us to research on this tag, but, I am happy you did, because it was an eye opening one

Yeah, governance is a hard topic, but you did really well. I hope your post will open eyes of many people who are still asleep.

Oh my God! Thanks for the appreciation, sir 😊

I don't know how the situation is in your country, but in Russia for example, the police can come home if some people write something against the government in social media. They can find them by their ip adresses.

I really have no idea how it works 😩

I'm glad we have a bit better governance on the blockchain, but it still needs to be improved.

Yes, I am more glad that the government here keeps looking into it, and try to improve it every now and then

Thanks a lot for your entry !

No, thank you, for bringing your dreams here, and making us all a part of it 😊

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