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Thank you so much for remembering me. You can't imagine how grateful I am for your post. It was very timely and so necessary for me.

oh no, Jesus Christ, I had this writing since yesterday morning, and I was so afraid to post it. I was afraid you will get upset. I didn't dare to let it out. This morning, I muster up the courage and press the publish button. I did it and said in my heart, "whatever will be, will be".

Yet, here you are saying thank you in a few lines, and my heart skips.

No, I never forgot. That same day, I wrote the lessons gained from that post on my wall.


I wake up to it every morning. I see it every time. I remind myself of it, every time, I find myself in a state of confusion.


Instead of asking, why is this happening to me? I look up and see that you said, I should ask, what should I do about this?

It worked every time, sir. A few days ago, I had one major decision to make, I have torn apart, because of the outcome, then, I looked up from my bed, and I saw the writing on the wall.

When I saw it, and asked, what should I do, the turmoil stopped, and I had an idea race into my head. I am happy to tell you I didn't even wait to confirm if it will work, I just went ahead and executed it, it worked like magic.

I couldn't believe it, all I did was congratulate myself, for not, being too hard on me, instead, concentrating on finding solutions and answers to an act that I committed. This is all thanks to you.

Should I give you another instance to prove that I cherished that post of yours since the first day I saw it?

I will, I took your picture, the one you used for the contest, and then, carried the reply I made on that post and left it as memories on my Facebook page. I might leave this house one day, but as long as the internet lives, I still have somewhere that I can return to. I didn't want to lose such thoughtful messages

It's right here, cause and effect.

Tell me, but how do we make choices, how do we make decisions, how do we determine which position to take? Especially in a complex situation, when there are several possible options, when you have to decide quickly, and your decision has a very important impact on your life?

This question? I am going to tell you what works for me. Apart from your message, I started, surrendering my decisions to the Almighty.

I must confess not of all of them (I do blunders when I don't)

I do it because I remember, someone asking me once if I had told God, that I didn't understand my college sums once, and I said no.

I do it because I remember, someone saying, that, if I make my decision known to both heaven and earth, I will always receive help.

I do receive help when I tender life decisions to God in prayers. I let him have the wheels, and sincerely, most times, I am always afraid, it won't work out.

In the die minutes, God always walks in and takes charge, and he proves that he is the Almighty every time.

So, how do you make decisions when you have to do it quickly? Initially, you don't. You first and foremost tell the Almighty, you have to make this decision, and surrender it to him.

You could ask him for signs if he wants you to take a certain path or not. I don't remember exactly who did this in the scripture, but, God did give him signs.

God hasn't changed since then, and he still gives his children signs, as long as we remember to cast all our burdens upon him

I sincerely apologize for this long comment, sir😴

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Greetings) Sorry for the delay in replying...just because of strong emotions and feelings, I couldn't say anything.. I did not expect that my words can have such a strong impact on someone, help someone, and I am unusually pleased and excited. You have really encouraged me)

And I'm very grateful for your help. You reminded me of a very important thing - the extent of my trust in God, and I decided to use your approach in my situation. God is good, and I believe that everything will be okay)
Thanks again.

P.S. Your commentary is a miracle) write more often, write more, write longer)

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I did not expect that my words can have such a strong impact on someone, help someone

The first time you won the pob-wotw contest, I knew I have met a gem, so I followed you, and I haven't regretted hitting that follow button 🤗

Your commentary is a miracle) write more often, write more, write longer)

You have always complimented my comments ☺️

Thank you very much

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