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But the truth, the 100% truth, will set him free.

That's right, I forgot this part of the scripture, now, this is why they say two heads are better than one, thanks for bringing it up

I agree the truth sets us free, and in your opinion, it's better we learn the truth today, and get hurt today, thereby, healing tomorrow, than to hear it tomorrow (probably after being lied to)

And with a public confession, so that neither you nor others have any way of hiding the truth.

"Confess that Jesus is Lord".... You just brought me back to the scriptures again.... With confession, we will be accountable for all our future actions. So anyone who is an addict will be saved from his addiction if he takes the first step ..... Confession.

Thank you for your reflections, I love how you capture subtle matters from various sources and turn them into such interesting and profound topics,

Thank you very much, sir. But I'll thanks @iskafan more, she inspired it

I'm glad that you(and @iskafan) and I are bees of the same hive))

Sincerely, I feel the same way.... Thank you 😊

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