Scroll with me: The newest addition to my Library

When you meet a Bibliophile, you will know. You will always find them around books and in the library. If they tell you the library is their favorite place in the world, you have to believe them too. Their most treasured possessions are books, they could spend their last money on a book. They will keep buying more even if they are yet to finish the ones in their library.

I am one of them and I understand the addiction to books so for my first time participating in #MarketFriday organized by @dswigle, I’ll be sharing my latest book collections.

It's been a while, I haven’t gotten hard copies of my favorite books and I decided to do so this month. I have been reading all the books I recently purchased as soft copies. I love hard copies, and no matter how much technology has advanced, I still have a fetish love for brown and white paper because I feel connected to the characters more.

I bought about 11 books for my library and I’ll share them with you. You can point out anyone you have read and how you felt and tell me If you have them as soft or hard copies. Let’s go:

The Psychology of Money

This book is authored by Morgan Housel and I bought this for approximately $3.26 and I must confess this book is a miracle. The author taught me to learn to save without a reason. I should just save and keep saving and continue saving. I do not need to have a reason. One cannot tell what tomorrow holds, and how our lives will turn out, so it is better to keep things that we will need and that includes money in large chunks.

The 33 Strategies of War

This book is authored by one of my favorite authors, Robert Greene and I bought this for approximately $3.496. I haven’t read this yet but it has always been on my Wishlist and I got the chance to own a copy. But now that I have the hard copy, I definitely will

Great by Choice

This book is authored by Jim Collins and I bought it for approximately $3.5. I am still in Chapter one, but I am very sure there will be a lot to learn about businesses and organizational structures in a progressing company. The title of this book alone makes me smile because

The Millionaire Next Door

This book is authored by Thomas J. Stanley and Williams D. Danko. I bought it for approximately $4.36. I love this book as much as I love the psychology of money. This book taught me it is possible to live a stealthy lifestyle without pressure. You can buy good quality products without breaking the bank.

And that a millionaire is not judged by their possession or the cash in their bank accounts. I also learned that most people are living high and they have a chunk of cash in the bank that is constantly taxed. I will leave you here because I am planning to do a review of these books so I would like to keep you in suspense.

Sell like Crazy

If you are active on Facebook, then you must have gotten across this book multiple times. The author is doing exactly what he is teaching…. selling. and he is using social media space to do so. You can say he does what he teaches. I haven’t completed this book yet. I bought it for approximately $4.36 and it is authored by Sabri Suby

The Intelligent Investor

I haven’t read this book yet but it has been hyped so much by those in the financial space and I have to read it. I bought it for approximately $4.36 and it is authored by Benjamin Graham.

The Richest Man in Babylon


I have read this book so many times that I have lost count and I have replaced it a lot more times than I can remember. The former is because it’s the basis of finance, saving, and investing and the latter is because I often gift them to people who might find them useful. Anyone learning about their finance from scratch should pick a copy of this book. I bought it for approximately $3.26 and it is authored by George S. Clason.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

I have almost the same story with this book as I did with George Clason’s Richest Man in Babylon. I have read it more than any of my financial books and I have also borrowed it out that I have to keep replacing it.

Everyone knows Robert Kiyosaki so I won’t need to give a summary of this book or should I? I bought it for approximately $3.5 and it is authored by Robert Kiyosaki.

The Smart Money Woman

I read this book in 12 hours. I could not stop until I reached the end. I could completely connect with the women in this book. And there was no way I could leave it unfinished. Women do need financial education, it’s very important, and this book buttresses this fact. I bought it for approximately $3.5 and it is authored by George S. Clason.

The Art of War

No, I have not read this. But I will do so soon. It’s one of the books recommended and credited in Robert Kiyosaki’s books which is why I wanted a copy to digest. I bought it for approximately $4.36 and it is authored by Sun Tzu.

Your Money or your life

Another favorite, although I am yet to finish it. The author exclusively reminds me to be sure I know where my money is going and whether it's worth it. I bought it for approximately $3.26 and it is authored by Alvin Hall.

Finally, here are the receipts. The total approximate will be $46.



And there you have it. The newest addition to my library. Tell me which ones you have read or plan to. I'll like to hear your thoughts.

image source: All images are mine. Taken with Infinix Hot 10T.


Welcome to #MarketFriday! Sorry, I am so late to respond!

You certainly buy in bulk, don't you? They are one receipt, so I am guessing that you bought them all together. You don't say if you bought them at a second-hand store, but because of their good price, I am going to guess that you did. Yes?

For comparison on price, we usually tell where we are in the world, or at least a continent. :) Did you think the books were worth the price? Did you feel the price was fair for the condition/material inside?

Which book would you recommend? I have to admit, I won none of these. Am I missing out? I have left you with the guidelines at the end! I leave them with everyone, not just you. :) People reading your post may want to join and they will know how! Thanks for joining!

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