Legends of the Hidden Temple - Performance Videos PART 6.1: Golden Goddess (part 2)


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Golden Goddess (Part 2)

Performing at Legends of the Hidden Temple

11/16/23 @ Rainbow City in Portland, OR USA

Photo Provided by: @ELAmental

Golden Goddess slaying the mic AND the decks in this video. This is part 2 in a 4 part sub-series of Golden Goddess Performance videos from this event.

Blessings & Gratitude to everyone who co-created this majikal atmosphere

🙏 Thank you for ALL the support.

Legends Performance Artist Bios (ALL LINKS HERE)

Note for @ELAmental Service Offerings:

I have discovered through the remembrance process of event management and promo for Legends that I have quite a knack for writing artist bios. I wrote profiles on and stylized photos for 10 different performing artists from our event so far (click link above to review portfolio). I am now open for contracting to write artist bios - Hive accepted. HMU if in need of quality writing and/or photo stylizing about and for your art/craft-form(s). I also have experience in Premiere Pro for professional video editing for a higher fee.

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