The vibrance of life is often found in contrast.
We all experience the spectrum of what we consider to be positive or negative moments in our lives.
How do we define good and bad ?

At first glance, I would describe the"good time" as points of life where outcomes fell in favour.
Time when hard work paid off, or I got the lucky break that I needed to continue, to me, those are the good times.
As opposed to bad times which I would say is when life isn't breaking my way.
Either due to bad luck or unfavourable circumstances.
If you asked me to estimate how often I have experienced good and bad time, my answer would depend.
Honestly, it would depend on how I am feeling in that moment.
The idea that my perspective on historical events is shaded by my most recent experiences. If I am having bad day, I would probably say that my life is full of bad days.

If I fell like I am having a good day, then I would say,"yeah, my life is good".
When things in my life are going well, it is often because I worked hard up to that point. And when the reward finally comes, my happiness is very Short-lived there is that quick "rush" that feel when my accomplishments become real,or see that fruits of my labour, but very accomplishments from yesterday doesn't mean much will come tomorrow.
Finally I cherish my struggles no matter the circumstances because at the end comes better days ahead.

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