Can you remember a time when your thoughts stop you from doing or saying something?
Can you remember when a thought stop you from reading.

From opening a business, getting into a relationship, or seeking counsel can you also remember a time when your thoughts compelled you to do something, even something that wasn't morally right?

What gave you that thought so much power that it could restrain you from an action or compelled you to act?

Why are our thoughts so powerful and sometimes so weak?

we were created by words, and we carryout transactions in the earth realm with words. Our world is made up of our words.

If you have a good life, then based on your thoughts life express as your word life you have been able to deal harmoniously with others resulting in your success.

Also, if your life is skewed and unfruitful, filled with anger, hatred and bitterness, your thoughts expressed as your words as created that dynamic in your dealing with others resulting in failure.

Thought are words. Thought are the words going on in your head. Our thoughts life is habitual. You will always think certain ways about certain things.

Until you change your thoughts your life will remain the same.

A mindset is a condition way of thinking that sets you in automatic acting and speaking resulting in consistent result. As humans we are always striving to simplify.

This nature in us results in habits. Habits are systems we have transferred to our subconscious to act on our behalf so we can focus on other things.

Whenever you determine what or how you will think and respond to a particular issue you transfer it to your subconscious, and it becomes a stronghold.

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Hmmm, true... to change the way we act, we need to change the way we think. We need to mind what we feed our thought and the kind of people we surround as that also indirectly affect the way we think.

What we feed in our thought would definitely show in the way we act or from our speech.

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