RE: POB Delegations from @proofofbrainio - What are the terms, conditions and opportunities for delegations?


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Hey, sorry if I came across rude when I said about the selfvoting, it's an issue that I'm still reflecting upon and maybe I didn't use the best words to talk about it. If you spread your votes with other users, I'm starting to think it's just fine. Just need to reflect and read a little more about it, but keep up the good work! (also, I just read this post from @juanmiguelsalas that made me see selfvoting in general different. So my bad again for jumping to conclusions)

About the delegations, there was a time when you could delegate 1:1 hive, but that's not possible anymore. The only reason I know of (and I believe that it was the reason I got it) is from engagement and helping others around. I always try to upvote new users and other content that I find interesting, but I don't consider myself a curator. So my delegation is not in that spectrum either (i think). But in the end, I feel like @proofofbrainio is the best person to clarify this matter to you.

Again, I thank you for raising this issue. All should have the same opportunities.

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