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Translated to english for you...

The catastrophe is here, the west of Germany was hit hard by the storms. I'll try to explain how, in my opinion, it could come to this. Of course there can also be other reasons, I do not claim to be the only truth.

First of all, we have the jet stream, which has shifted south and runs over Central Europe, so to speak. This is unusual because it usually runs much further north at this time of year. In addition, it does not meander, so it does not form any "bumps". That is also unusual. The Atlantic high and low pressure areas follow the jet stream, in our case unfortunately the low pressure areas.

The second point is: man seeks proximity to water. It's anchored in our genes. Water means life. Too much water, unfortunately, also kills. People have always settled near the water, but they took care to be safe from flooding. Unfortunately, that has changed today. A property by the water is partly a prestige property. Buildings are built closer and closer to the water. To a large extent, this is probably due to the growing population. You feel safe because you think you have the water under control. After all, dykes were built almost everywhere to protect the surrounding area in the event of flooding. We have now seen that dykes and dams do not offer all-round protection.

Along with point 2, we come to the third point. Agriculture and settlements are taking up more and more space. Many soils are extremely compacted as a result of agricultural use and, in particular, the use of heavy machinery. This means that these soils can absorb less water than forest soil, for example. The water couldn't seep away and found its way. More and more floors are being sealed by new commercial or residential areas. The trend towards owning a home is still high, but that doesn't mean that I deny people a right to own a home.

This disaster could not have been prevented as of today, but it would have saved lives if the media had reported the dangers early on. ARD, ZDF, SWR, WDR and whatever their name should have had to fulfill their obligation to inform about it. And a short statement in the weather report is certainly not enough. Maybe the focus should have been different.

Right now I see on TV that heavy rain is expected in Bavaria tomorrow on Sunday. I really hope that it won't hit the people in Bavaria as hard as the people in the west and south-west.
I would like to thank all the helpers, the voluntary, the honorary and the full-time who are tirelessly working to repair the damage caused by the flood.
Stay strong.

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