NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS, great thing never came from comfort zones

There is a Nigerian proverb that says let's do it the way they are doing it .. so that it can be the way it use to be this proverb is mostly common in yoruba language.

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if you have been doing it they way it has always been and there is still poverty around you... Then this proverb is not for you..just like my dad's quote "when you are in rome,you should behave like romans" ...then I do tell him what if those in Rome are doing their things in a negative wayso I should join them in support?.

Only few people can mentor you financially, there are not many welathy people around, out of 100% of people on the earth 95%are poor, 5%are wealthy.i know some of us will be suprise that I didn't mentioned RICH instead if WEALTHY, there is different between rich and wealthy.. my dad is rich, he is not wealthy.WEALTHY:the money you have that will be enough for you and your family and the generation that are yet to come.

Therefore,we need to go against conventional thinking and be free from negative thought... Decide not to follow the same lane other peoples are following you can stand out,if you are not travelling in the direction other people are heading to, it is possible you are right*.

Animation text made by me

There is a quote that says, "do not carry more than you can carry".."decide to carry more than what you can carry believing that ALMIGHTY GOD will help you carry it." Many people are just managing what they have with the fear of taking risk they are afraid to aim bigger things.

I remember this quote then,**"if you try it you will face the music😂,what if I consult the choir😂... "Dare to do something"go on with a task or project when you get to the middle "cry to GOD" this is when the saviour comes in to help you out.

A bird in the hand is worth more in the Bush this can be true atimes but atimes it is a poverty mentality, why should you settle for less when we have over hundreds of birds flying can't hunt in your house if you want to catch an elephant 🐘... Think the way wealthy people think,they take a big risk.


Almost everybody have this mentality in Nigeria in church "the poorer you are, the holier you are",even some people have claimed the Bible's says "money is the root of evil" if money is the root of evil that means poverty is the whole tree 🌲😂... Money is neutral is neither good nor bad , it is the relationship you have with money that will judge.

Money takes after the character of the

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