I hear a lot of Chatter - WEN the BIG EVENT?


Post wrestling time!

Screenshot 2023-03-04 at 10.06.06 PM.png 3...2...1.. GO - The war between @Neoxian and his allies VS @Hivewatchers and their Allies! Let the flagging begin Ding Ding Ding!

There is a heightened tension in the air these days surrounding the entire team at hivewatchers as hiveans' from all around the globe debate about the right way to handle the latest influx of AI plagiarism to sweep the beehive.

Which side will WIN?

Will hivewatchers ultimately be vindicated for trying to fight the AI abuse, although their gorilla tactics and police state demeanor overshadow their hidden good intentions for the hive? Or will the neoxian clan's laid-back approach to not battling ai because it's a futile attempt & a mistake be the answer?

Some people say Hivewatchers are too mean, while others say that they are police so why should they be nice, it's a guilty party all around until proven innocent state on the hive, but is that really the best way to be? Maybe the answer is to take a stance right down the center one case at a time. Doing nothing surely won't slow down the problem, and doing too much too fast might cause some wrongful punishment.

Fight fire with fire!

The answer will ultimately lie in using the same technology that brought about the unruliness of the hive. We will have to fight ai with a combination of ai technology that is carefully nurtured by the human touch. It's still unknown what technology that may bring, but maybe it will appear as mysteriously as chatgpt did. Maybe the answer will lie with a 1984-style floating eyeball that verifies your keystrokes as you write. In the future Hive may need a human plugin that isn't even invented yet, so it's not too late, and the battle isn't futile if you open up your mind to the possibilities because HIVE isn't even near DED yet! That's why I think neoxian's approach is too shortsighted because there's still ample time to fight as much ai abuse as we can now while we wait for the true geniuses to come up with a new solution for verifying the human in you.

What do you all think?

Who is right, who is wrong, & what is the future of HIVE going to look like depending on each scenario? Could there be there a better solution, leave your comments in the box below!