Are will Still the leader of tomorrow?(The Youths Cry)

Do you still believe in that scam or you have grown up ?πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ.This was the first question my uncle asked me after my NYSC days and sincerely it is just coming back to me that indeed it was all a scam.

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Maybe I should just say that situation of the country as really make it look that way or as in one way or the other contributed to the reason why the word as now becomes a lie.

We are growing up with the fact that their will be a better day,which me as a person I believe so much,but the more I grow up ,I came to the understanding that having a better day might a little bit be of individual, unlike the whole nation of a thing that I grew up with,As if that is not all,one day famous lie that I sincerely fall for is that "Youths are the leader's of tomorrow"

Am still yet to ascertain what this statement really mean , cause my father makes me
understand that his own father do tell him that same statement and it was passed to me as a child too.

But of all I still find it hard to understand what the statement really means.

Have makes lot of research on this well enough and have come to a conclusion that it was a scam that was meant to limit youth from taking authority's in higher place's.

I sincerely fumes against that rules that limit the Youth from taking higher responsiblity in the government Nowadays.

I keep on asking myself many questions with no one to give a valid answers to,they claim we are the leaders of tomorrow;

Over age people are leading us

Youth are not recognise in the society

They tag us lazy, despite the fact that we are hard working.

They put old people in solid position.

They prefer to give us hoe and cutlass to
farm,while we bring food for them to eat.

They despise our knowledge and understanding.

They deprived us of our right

They gave us no chance to speak and not even to be heard

I can't keep calm on this at all,as this is one thing that is really baffling me right now,I don't know maybe am the only one seeing things this way.

when are we going to be the Leader's they claimed we are.

As I don't believe in violence at all,that is why I sincerely think it is high time for the youths to speak for themselves and stand in unity this day's.

Few countries in the world today have youths holding great positions,most of the youth in different countries are still under the spell of "We are the leader's of tomorrow" even when they have no chance to do anything or even speak at all.

I still can't stop asking,"Are We Still Leader's Of Tomorrow"

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