Are you buying the Dip?


Hello Everyone,


The month of May has been quite awful as price across the entire crypto market has been seriously on the downtrend due to the dip from BTC resulting in the rest of market to follow suit

Bitcoin currently sits at a price 33k which happens to be a low point in recent times. Our dear Hive is not left out has it currently trading within the 70cent mark after crashing from almost a dollar.


While many are panicking about this, I for one see this has a great buying opportunity to scoop in some of my alts at the current discount.

Accumulate while others are doing something else. DCA, forget the price and keep stacking. There might not be another time.

I hope the price remains so for some couple of days so I could lay my hands on my cash and add more to my stake.

Are you buying the dip?

Thanks for Reading

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