Growing Liquidity on pHBD-USDC farm. Massive Opportunity


Hello Everyone,

It's no news that crypto market is currently experiencing a massive dip in prices. But it is good one to see interest in stables particularly in our own pHBD/USDC farm on polycub continue to grow as liquidity increases.


As at time of writing the liquidity just exceed 400k which is a good one for farm that was launched barely a month ago. The stable farm currently tops in terms of liquidity over at polycub indicating the rising need for it in this times.

I expect it to continue to grow and get over 500k in the weekend and $1 million before month end. It is also really interesting to see a stable farm pay up to 26% APR. It is an offer not miss.


Bear season like times to shield oneself from loss by going more in into pairs that provides more safety and security especially has it concerns DeFi.

Have you provided liquidity? What are you waiting for?

Thanks for Reading

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