A Quickstart Guide to Using Dreemport


DreemPort is a platform that makes it easy for new bloggers and content creators to start building an engaged audience right away. As someone who was a tester for DreemPort and continues to actively use it daily, I wanted to share some tips for how to have success on the platform.

The key to DreemPort is consistency. I make a point to log in each weekday (Weekends are for resting on dreemport) and spend time reading and curating posts that are provided for curation. After I've consumed the 5 content each weekday, I submit a link to a new post I've written.

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This cycle of daily curation and creation is what works best in my experience. By discovering and supporting other people's writing, you organically gain a genuine group of followers who will be notified when you post new content and likely to actively engage with it.

It only takes a few minutes a day, but by sticking to this Monday-Friday routine I've been able to cultivate an invested audience for my blog on DreemPort faster than I ever have on other platforms.

Getting started on Dreemport is easy once you create your free account. Simply go to www.dreemport.com and click the "Register" button in the top right corner. Fill out the signup form with your name, email address, and create a secure password. Once registered, you can login using the "Login" link.

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Upon your first login, the website will guide you through a quick tutorial showing the main areas of functionality. However, I still recommend going to the Menu in the top right corner and clicking "Getting Started."

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Watch all of the short introductory videos which explain how Dreemport works and the different options for earning Dreem tokens on the platform.

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The main way most users earn Dreem is through "curating" - reading and evaluating newly shared posts by other users. To start curating, go to the Earn Dreem drop down menu under your username and choose "Curate Articles."

You will then be shown 5 random posts that have recently been shared publicly on Dreemport.

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Carefully read through each post. Your job is to decide whether to accept or reject the post depending on its quality and guidelines. Unless it contains spam, all posts should be accepted.

After making an accept/reject decision, you must rank each post from 1 to 5 stars based on how useful, insightful, or well-written you found it to be.

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Ranking helps surface the best content for other users. Once decisions have been made on all posts, click the "Submit Curation" button at the bottom.

Following the curation guidelines properly ensures you receive Dreem token rewards for your efforts in evaluating content. The reward amount will be shown after submitting.

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Now you can also share your own posts to Dreemport. Go back to Earn Dreem and choose "Submit Article." Think of a short title summarizing your post. Then paste in the full URL linking to your post on another website as well as the image URL showing the main visual for your content.

Be sure to read over the community guidelines and content policy before submitting. This helps maintain quality. Check the box indicating you have read and agree before clicking "Submit Article."

The Dreemport team manually reviews all first-time submitted posts before publicly showing them on the platform. Once approved, other users will then be able to find and curate your post.

Curating and submissions can be done daily anytime from 04:00 UTC to midnight UTC. So pick times that work reasonably around your own timezone.

Earning on Dreemoport does have a bit of a learning curve. But stick with it and you'll soon get the hang of evaluating content and consistently earning rewards.

Also, you can Reach out to dreemport via their Discord server if any part of the process remains unclear! Below is the invite link to their discord server.

The Benefits Of Engaging In a Supportive Community

Getting involved on Dreemport pays off through different rewards programs. The main one is curating articles. This means each day you review posts by other members then give your feedback. It's an easy job, but for doing it Dreemport gives you dreem tokens with real money value!

So just by spending a few minutes reading and rating posts, you can earn tokens to cash out. On top of this, you build a following faster when sharing your own blogs. The site makes it easy to get eyes on your writing compared to other platforms.

Dreemport keeps things fun and rewarding with different challenges too. Special badges are unlocked by joining certain challenges. And if you stay active curating and entering challengess, secret treasure hunt events promise chances at amazing prizes!

Altogether you'll find lots of ways to profit money, grow an audience, and win neat badges or gifts. Most importantly, the friendly community makes participating enjoyable. Everything centers around encouraging top-notch content while paying members for their time and work. And that's what makes Dreemport stand out!

Dreemport Discord Server

All images on this post are screenshots from the dreemport website


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