Do You Know How to Sell?



Selling is an art!

Do you know how to sell? What do you sell? Can you "sell yourself", sell your idea as well as your product?

For practically my whole life, I have worked in sales. I'm a born salesman. Today as a photographer I still sell, whether it's my photographs, my artwork or my services as a photographer at events.

My first job as a salesman was at age 15 (18 years ago). Here began my "sales school". My first job as a salesperson was in an eyewear store, and the challenges in this first experience were immense!

I heard a lot of "no" from customers, many didn't even want to serve me. Even with these difficulties, I managed to sell. Little, but I got it. Patience and persistence were my mottos.

After the eyeglass store, I went through several other companies, and in all of them, working as a salesperson. I was a commercial consultant, commercial supervisor and commercial representative. I gained a lot of experience selling.

It had been approximately 10 years working in sales.

What I've learned during all this time is that it takes a lot more than price or product/service quality for the customer to buy.

The customer wants to be well served, the salesperson does not only have to offer the product, he has to know how to get into "the psychology of the customer", he has to make the customer understand in a subtle way that he needs the product you are offering.

It's not selling a product, it's selling a dream, an unprecedented experience. The customer wants to feel important, wants to see that their money has paid off, wants to be valued.

The seller also has to be positioned, he cannot give in to any offer made by the customer to lower prices. The seller has to show himself in a negotiation always "above" the customer, he has to be "one kilometer" ahead of the customer, always in control of the situation.

I learned all this throughout my journey as a salesperson, and by following these lessons I was able to overcome the customer's fear of "no" and efficiently and convincingly offer what I was/am I selling.

Selling is definitely an art, and I am grateful to God that I have at least a little of the gift of that art.

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