Thinking too much can become a problem

When you are left alone there are countless number of things going on in your mind and sometimes it leads to thinking too much about something.

Thinking too much becomes a problem for you and your relationship sometimes , avoid thinking too much and don't keep yourself alone.

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It effects your decision making , planning and everything else as well. if you are a trader and thinks to much then you will end up taking no decision or bad decision.

Even in common life thinking about something too much harms you. When i am cooking something new and thinks alot about how will it taste like , will everybody like it or not i too see the harm.

So it is better to not think too much and just decide and go on with what you are doing. do anyone reading here have a different experience with thinking too much.

Do share your experience in the comments below.

Thank you

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I think a lot. A whole damn lot. Still, there's always a point where I have to take a leap of faith based on my own opinions. I think thinking helps, but overthinking doesn't.