One-Click Hive Onboarding From X (Twitter)

LeoFinance is gearing up to onboard tens of thousands of users from X to the Everything App. While X aims to be the everything app, they still are missing payments and a wide range of other features.

We already have many of those features available right now on including:

  1. Decentralized poll voting
  2. Microblogging
  3. Long-form articles
  4. Community pages (Reddit alternative)
  5. Substack-style Subscriptions to authors (about to launch)
  6. Payments (wallet UI for HIVE, LEO & HE Tokens)
  7. Evergreen content rewards (launching soon for authors to earn ad checks)

So much more is in the pipeline as well. Our app has taken on a radical new shape as we keep pushing toward the Everything App future that we envisioned over 2 years ago when we dubbed this project the not-so-secret code name: Project Blank.

Among all of these changes, we need marketing. We need onboarding.

We need more users to thrive as a platform. The Network Effect requires us to continue to grow the network. As the network expands, we'll see it continue to expand on itself.

This year, we've grown (from January 2023 to present) by nearly 3x. Growing from ~500 users to over 1,300 monthly active users.

Those are 1,300 users who are actively threading, posting and commenting on a monthly basis.

So the question is, how do we keep growing at a pace like this? How do we attract non-hivers to join the Hive ecosystem through

There are many ways. The key pieces to have in place are a flawless UI/UX that is as good (and we're aiming to be even better) than Web2 counterparts like X (Twitter).

With that key piece in place and constantly being improved at, now we need an incredible onboarding system.

Something that allows a user of X to sign up to LeoFinance (via a Hive account) and create / interact with Threads and other parts of the UI in under 30 seconds.

Enter, LeoInfra.

One-Click Onboarding From X to LEO

LeoInfra was built 3 years ago which is crazy to think about, by the way.

We've spent a lot of time revamping it and testing and improving the infrastructure.

LeoInfra is something we created from the Hive Lite Account vision that people had way back on the old blockchain.

We took that idea and ran with it. LeoInfra offers Hive Lite Accounts.

Yes, on-chain Hive accounts. The key is that there is no key...

Get it? The user doesn't need the private keys to the account.

Let me walk you through this conceptually.

How it Works

So a user of X comes to they see that it looks a lot like X but the big caveat is that people are EARNING $$ for their Threads... They say "WOW, gimmie monies"

Okay great, we got them hooked. Now they click sign up.

They are then taken to the signup page:

Through LeoInfra, they can Create a Full Hive Account - which gives them instant self-custody of a full Hive Account (private keys and all).


They can click Sign Up with Twitter (soon, X) or Sign Up With Google.

If they choose one of those options, they will be prompted to Create a Hive Lite Account.

By choosing one of those options, we assume that this user wants ease of use. They want to click a button and be signed up and signed in in under 30 seconds.

They don't want:

  1. to learn what a private key is
  2. to learn what the 5 different private keys are (posting, active, etc.)
  3. to have the responsibility of downloading and securely saving those keys
  4. to learn which keys to use to login and what hivesigner, hive keychain or leoauth are

Instead, they want:

  1. To click a button and voila!

We want to give them what they want.

LeoInfra gives them what they want. Let's say you hit "Sign Up with Twitter" and then you are prompted with this screen:

See what happened? They are simply prompted to enter a username. Let's say billybob123 is their chosen name.

Once they enter that and hit continue, they'll see this:

Note: if they are signed in to Twitter (X) already, then they won't have to sign in again. I'm doing this from a fresh browser that isn't signed in to Twitter on another tab. That means I just have to enter my Twitter Login details and then it will allow LeoFinance to access the username.

The user clicks "Authorize" on Twitter's API and then it allows LeoFinance to tie a Hive account to their Twitter username.

Then a Hive account is created by LeoInfra and assigned to that user, with the username they chose at the signup process.

Voila... it automatically signs them in and they can INSTANTLY start transacting (commenting, threading, posting) on the Hive blockchain through

If you've never tried LeoInfra, I highly recommend trying it and creating a Twitter-Hive Lite Account. You'll see how stupidly easy it is and maybe be convinced that is Hive's gateway to absorbing X users.

Logging in and The Future

I walked you through the account creation process. Once that user has a Lite account, they can revisit LeoFinance at any time and simply click "Login with social media" at the login page and then tap the twitter or google icon (whatever they originally signed up with).

LeoInfra will log them back into the Hive account they created without any keys, password entry, etc. All they need is their Web2 account.

This is the game changer that Hive has needed for so long. One-Click signups with no Key custody.

But what about the long-term... they eventually need their keys, right?

Well, Lite users can do nearly anything a full Hiver can do (except use other Hive dApps. But we're hoping other Hive UIs take our LeoInfra API and integrate it as a standardized signup/login protocol).

We always encourage self-custody. After some time on the UI (and when they start to earn LEO / HIVE in their wallet), the UI will prompt them to take a short intro to Hive course where they will - at the end - be prompted to take full ownership of their account.

This will prompt them to decrypt the keys that are on LeoInfra and then actually change those keys and download the new ones.

This is the highest degree of security we can offer. It changes their keys and gives them the new keys so that no traces of the keys are left on LeoInfra's database.

The new user just went from Web2 to Web3 Lite to Web3. They now have full ownership of their Hive account and just took a little course that taught them about Hive Keychain, Hivesigner, LeoAuth, HAS and other Hive sign-in services that they now can use to sign in to any dApp in the Hive ecosystem.

They retain the original Hive account that LeoInfra created for them on the backend. So billybob123 has the username billybob123 throughout the entire Lite-Full Hiver experience. They also now have their full wallet access and self-custody of funds.

Changing the UX

Instead of users having to jump over a massive hurdle to use Hive, we have made it stupid easy. There is NO HURDLE. They simply sign up and in with Web2 and then we teach them about Hive over time.

We piece meal it to them as opposed to overwhelming amounts of information and responsibility that come with self-custody off the bat.

  1. get them hooked on
  2. educate them about the Hive ecsoystem
  3. give them full self-custody later

What do you think? Is it time to onboard the next 10,000 Hivers?

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Hope the outside people can realize the power of one account to rule them all and that they actually own it. They can't be forced to give it up like the person who lost his Twitter account when they decided they wanted to change name to X.


This is a great opportunity to go mainstream and Leofinance is championing. Though this will open hive up to lots of possible abuse, i think its the best approach. Lets give everyone access and see how things turn out. Hivewatchers and the like are taking good care of the abuse in the system


This is really a step forward towards onboarding more users here I'm glad this idea is initiated lets get those web2 users here!


This is so cool. I really feel like becoming a newbie in hive again and trying the Leolnfra. But all is good it’s better to bring those newbies to onboard the Leofinance interface. Good job 👏


this is the game changer that was needed. Am I surprised? Not really. I come to expect this from the LeoFinance team. I mean that in a positive way. Awesome 👌



all these new accounts will require RC to interact.. how are you solving that problem for them. Does a one click sign up have the ability to post? Comment? Where are those RC coming from?


I think LeoInfra is great! Wow, kudos team! You've really done a good job!
Now, we just need to spread leo in X (and other socmed) so they would sign up.. Too bad they'll not yet be able to check their accounts in other dApps, but once they have the full Hive account, that's possible, right?
Anyway, I think this is really a great implementation that will help onboard users~


This is easier and would make onboarding easier for those who are fans of twitter. thanks for this development!