Multilingual Sites

Just because I prefer to use English doesn't mean I think the whole world should be forced to use English. We live in a multilingual world. So it makes sense that a world-wide website would be multilingual. However, many of them are not. In my own post about websites, it became clear that they would mostly display in English, but my browser's preferences are set to display pages in English and the best test would be to set the browser preferences to another language and see how the sites respond:

There are three different modes of operation. If you don't know English and your browser will be setup to your language. It turns out the browser will communicate which languages you use with the web server before you get a response from the said server.

The language is a preset value in your browser which often comes from the default language of your operating system. If you use Linux in French your browser will communicate that to the webserver.

The video sites odysee,, and the peertube sites, will display everything in the language according to your browser settings (at least with French). The other video sites will only display in one particular language set for that website. @ecency allows you to change your language once you open it up and it makes its code base unique in having support for multiple languages.

I went through the 35 sites I have listed as sites where you can watch or share videos. I set my browser to ask for French as the most preferred language and opened a private tab. I use a private tab because for technical reasons, it can confuse the language selection for the websites I try out.

It turns out the vast majority of the video websites I tried have complete lack of any support for French. It would be extremely time consuming to test 35 sites for the 10 most popular languages but testing it for French this way revealed that only Peer-tube sites, the Altcensored site has support for French and I assume the others have no support apart from the language they open up in (mostly English).

AutomaticManualNo support
AltCensored, Odysee, and Peer Tube sites.noneeverything else

Peer tube sites are a confederation of sites with sharing of videos between sites. It isn't quite like Hive. Some of these sites include,, and The dollar vigilante site has both Peertube and Hive support at the same time and is also multilingual.

Odysee uses the LBRY blockchain. You can use the LBRY client. Also the desktop client is multilingual.

Both LBRY and Peer-tube are federation kinds of sites and both of these have embraced multilingualism.

I find that the video content itself on these platforms is mostly English and it would be a good idea to have an option of only showing videos that the user can understand.