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Awesome man. This is edifying. I don't hate scammers anymore because they train people to not be so gulible. Those who have been conned out of thousands of dollars in this way, can come to my idea of using decentralized exchanges, keeping your money at home with your own real business that you can see or touch. Always keep your own keys. Don't take health advice from misanthropes or drug companies. The later wants you always sick and the former wants you dead. Until people are burned three times, they don't learn.

When I trade on a centralized exchange (CEX), I put in up to $20 worth. If there is a minimal limit of >$20, I go elsewhere. If it is a place I have traded many times and they have good reputation, then $100. Then I trade to the coin I need and then withdraw. FTX never came on my radar. I heard of Bankkman and took him as a well intentioned misguided lucky idiot. I had him wrong. You could say, I was fooled too, but I have a policy such that I wouldn't even send my coins to the ex-CEO of Lavabit (Ladar Levison) to take care of them for me if I can avoid it. So I never lost a satoshi to FTX, to those interest bearing BTC accounts and so on. You can go from Hive to Hive-Engine and then your local crypto-fiat exchange to get fiat. From the crypto-fiat exchange to a real bank. Banks are still more trust worthy than the average crypto exchange.

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