RE: "A team that only defends and never attacks ends up taking a goal"

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First of all it is good to be back here and nice one from you ,this is really a very good one to see this morning here in my country

One thing that brings an end to people life is fear at times and it is always fear of failing too,which I do say that at times we need to fail at some stage in life to actually know where will need to sit up .

For no reason should we give up on our goals irrespective of what will are facing in life as the end result is always a success when it hold on to such goal.

Just like the example you sighted using a football image,let me ship in this too, a team can be losing from the first minute of a match and later went on to win the match before final whitsle that is what life is too at times.
For no reason should will give up on our goals.

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