Ain't no mountain high ... the best breakfast ever ... abstract artworks

What can be a better day than the one, when you children are presenting their majestic creation for you ... the best breakfast ever!!!

Simple tomatoes, asparagus, radish, olive oil, salt, black pepper and oregano ...

Yummiee!!! And, a shock to see these combinations made by your children!!!


With a little bit of creativity, a small impressionism patina suited very well to their photo, which they've took ... here we have our breakfast!!! Voila!!! :)

And, now, since we've discovered this app for digital drawings, y children wanted to experiment it as well and through small lines, here we have my little Picassos!!!

frunza toamnei.jpg

I know that right now, maybe, this society is struggling to understand its own direction, while more than 80 % of this society is feeling like Moana on big waves ...


With a small canoe, you can manage to have a majestic journey through this life, as the other protocol would go with the blessed food ... as you could see, children know how to cook with simple ingredients and believe me ... it's yummieee!!! :)

Maybe through the next sketch i did a few minutes ago through this app on which you can create simple and sophisticated digital artworks, we'll see this abstract concept, and everyone will understand that even if sometimes it's hard to climb on the Mountain of Zion, in the end everyone will be happy when they will look back and will understand how easy was this journey ...

As in the Ikigai concept it's been said, the first rule it's all about how you will manage to start through small steps ...

Start small in everything you will plan in your life.

The Great Architect will guide your steps and you will succeed ...


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