Will HIVE stay above the $1


The hive market for a while now is finding it difficult to make the $1 its new price floor and stay above the one dollar mark..


The indicators are indicating a bullish market and the HIVE price is aiming for the $0.8673 price mark , if it is able to break the spot then the HIVE price would take the bullish ride till around the $1 price area...


The order book on the exchange shows that there are more demands on the HIVE market than the supply , And of course whenever there is high demand and lesser supply then the price will rise....

All eyes are on the HIVE price in the next few days and many investors are waiting to see if the HIVE can be able to make the $1 the new support level and be able to stay above it and continue having an increased bullish run...

But the way the hive market is right now , it seems we might be seeing a $2 hive price before the end of the year ,more and more wonderful projects are coming up on the HIVE blockchain that will drive up the demands of the HIVE token....


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