Amazing Battles – Bouncy Magic Battle!

Welcome to another Amazing Battle analysis!


We study a Wild, Gold Foil, and Gold League tournament match on this occasion.

Our opponent this round is @raynie from the Immortal gods guild!


Equalizer (The initial health of all monsters is equal to the highest health monster), Counterspell (All monsters have the Magic Reflect ability), and Wands out only (only monsters with magic attack might be used).

Usually, Owster Rotwell is the preferred summoner on only magic ruleset bus as we already got Magic Reflect free on all monsters we go with Mimosa Nightshade as she halves magic damage with Void and, as an added bonus: no heals for the enemy team!

Our team:

Undead Priest (Weaken and Slow). Death Elemental ( Weaken, Silence, and Snipe) and closing with Doctor Blight.

In this matchup, we try to go for double weaken and poison fast kills as we can expect many Silences, Void, and Void Shield in an all-magic match. Let’s see how big the lousy doctor gets!


Let’s take a look at the opposing magic offensive.

Summoner: Lyanna Natura (+1 Hp). A cheap summoner that makes all monsters more challenging. Earth has good Magic and antimagic tools.

Let’s take a look at our opponent’s cards.

Opposing lineup:

Djinn Bjlka (Void, Camouflage, and Weaken), Mushroom Seer (Poison and Silence), and closing with Wood Nymph (Tank Heal and Strengthen).

So we got a card we don’t usually see in the front in Djinn Bjlka.

With Void and Weaken, it is an exciting tank choice in this particular mix of rulesets. The main cannon uses poison for a similar strategy to ours.

But we got an advantage here as the tank heal gets negated by Mimosa.


Let’s see how this magical match plays out!

Click on the image below to watch the fight:

Round 1:

So, after all buffs and debuffs have been applied, all our team have 5 Hp and the opposing team 6 Hp, so our magic attack is 1 all around.

So both tanks get poisoned, and our tank takes 1 damage. Reflect is going to get felt on those non-void monsters ‘tho.


Round 2:

A lot of chip damage falls on the opposing team due to reflection, and our tank gets down to 1 measly HP.


Round 3:

Things are getting complicated for our team here.

Our tank falls to the poison damage, and our second-in-line monsters get poisoned too.

Also, all the opposing teams recover 1 extra HP due to a weakened monster leaving the field.


Round 4:

More Magic flies around, and both frontline monsters reach 1 hp.

Magic Reflect is slowly chipping away at the opposing team’s HP.


Round 5:

Both front liners fall to the poison damage, and it is Dr. Blight vs. all the remaining opposing team now! Mushroom Seer gets deleted by the evil doctor.


Round 6:

Things wrap up fast as the poison kills the Wood Nymph, giving us this match victory!.


The 3 max rulesets change has introduced some very restrictive but exciting matches in the Splinterlands ecosystem.

Void was very important here as it, paired with Silence, nullifies 1 attack monster.

Dr. Blight Scavenger's ability made him big enough to withstand damage and poison if that was the case.

Thanks for reading this analysis, and see you next time!

See this amazing battle again: @marianaemilia versus @raynie

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Images: @splinterlands


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Clash of the heavyweights. I wish I'd maxed Mimosa early on. She's so effective in the right ruleset. Thanks for sharing :)


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