The standard we set at home

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Gooood day Motherhood I hope you have all been having a wonderful day, for me we are approaching winter and our warm summer nights are now coming to a close but for many of you, you will be fast approaching Spring!
If you're not aware as yet I am in the process of starting my own business developing and selling gym and fitness supplements and creating a number of marketing videos. My business is a little different to the mainstream institutionalised versions of things.
The primary goal of my business is to address men's health and taking on a wholistic approach to life in general. Much of the research I have been undertaking is that men see health broader than their own and it encompasses their families.

As I continue down my journey in business I am starting to see how this unfolds and the unattended consequences they are having on my family which are positive. My daughter is 6 now and is starting to understand more about the world so knows that we are starting up some kind of a shop. She knows I take supplements for the gym and knows I am making my own to sell to others.

But another thing she and her friends as well as my son have come to do is experiment with exercise equipment in the gym and they copy my routine. It's not uncommon for me to find them in the gym on the treadmil which I need to teach them correct ways so they don't harm themselves.

My associates muscle development and strength with my workouts and when asked he will explain gym makes you strong, my daughter now identifies that I look different to a lot of the other dads and parents at the school which is caused by working out.

She also knows that if you want to participate in sport you need the edge which is provided by working out in the gym as many of the other sportsman train regularly. This also got me thinking about a past ad that was run on Australian T.V not too long ago.

I was very much that young kid in the ad often asked to "fetch a beer" and as a result my teenage years were spent getting drunk in parks with others who also had similar upbringing. We saw what our parents did and copied it.

As an adult I don't often drink only ever really having a beer with dinner occasionally, an espresso martini and the rare night out with mates where I tend to be the designated driver.

What I am seeing is my children and their friends see what I do and how I look and making that decision to also train and exercise. Setting a strong example for the next generation that training and fitness is something you can do.

It got me thinking about other aspects of my life that my children are copying me and receiving that standard of what it is to be an adult. What are some of the things you're seeing around you that your kids are copying? Are you using the moment to change things?

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