Religion Says Man's Suffering is Due to Sin, but What About the Sufferings of other Creatures?


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You are most likely familiar with the basic doctrines of the world's most dominant religions, the Abrahamic Religions, which states that in the begining the world was created by a god who put man and all the creatures in a beautiful garden and wanted everything to be perfect: easy access to food, no pains, no ailment, etc but man disobeyed the god and ate a forbidden fruit which made the god curse man and that was how man's pain and suffering began.

The emphasis should be on the plan this god had in the beginning: a life of ease. Since man, woman and serpent sinned and lost it, how about the other creatures that didn't sin? And why are the many other creatures who didn't sin suffering more than man?

Take Insects, ants for example, imagine a heavy building falls on you, doesn't kill you but leaves you injured, legs broken, hands, etc. And you're left to writhe there on the ground till you die of pains. This is what we do to ants on a daily basis as we keep stepping on them (sometimes even unbeknownst to us) and hitting them, etc. Can you imagine that pain?

Furthermore, remember the female of our specie was cursed to go through pains during childbirth, now why does other female animals go through pain too? Some go through even more pains than humans, like spotted hyenas,

You can't say all the animals inherited the curse too because it was never specified in the 'holy books', also if the animals inherited the curse too why are some animals exempt from it?

Did you know, the animals called marsupials (kangaroos, wallabies, etc) don't feel pains while birthing? Dolphins too? And probably a host of others. Why are some exempt? And why does any specie deserve to suffer for something they knew nothing about? What all loving god would create such a system?

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