Malicious program uses Clipboard to steal your data

The malicious application by the defendants to secretly set up itself on the hard force of the victim’s laptop and to display the pastime of the victim’s computer, with the aid of secretly asking for that the laptop run a sample matching algorithm each time the sufferer uses copy-and-paste (clipboard) on his computer.

Victim Andrew Chopper's pc was hacked by using teens after he was once persuaded to install a application referred to as "Electrum Atom".

The incident took place round January 2018, and as of press time, the price of the stolen bitcoin is $772,120.77, with the cryptocurrency buying and selling at $47,000 at the time of writing.

Authorities printed that each teens are from Bradford and Southampton, UK, and have excellent technical expertise due to their studies in laptop science.

Tracing the thieves by using the victim:

Court documents also indicated that Chopper spent almost $10,000 monitoring down the humans who stole his bitcoin.

Chopper put 95% of his internet really worth on his cryptocurrency holdings.

In October 2018, Mr. Chopper sent an e mail to the defendants asking them to return the stolen cryptocurrency.

As of the date of this complaint, the defendants had not replied to Mr. Choper's request to return his cryptocurrency, US authorities said.

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