10000 Starbits Giveaway 3: Guess The Score

Day 3 of the giveaway and as always, 10,000 starbits are on offer for guessing the correct score in tomorrow's soccer match. But before that, time to open another 12 pack and see if there's anything good in them.

Well, the highlight of the packs was a double rare pack. So that brings my card total to 900. Just a couple more packs to hitting the magical 1,000. Also nice is that the ego remains at 0 despite the additions. Really did a lot of music lessons the last time.

Ok, so now on to the contest. Yesterday, we had just one entrant so the prize was sent to bitandi. Congratulations! The final result was a spanking by Arsenal, 0-5, in case anyone's tracking.

Today's prize will go to whoever predicts the 90-min score (not incl overtime) correctly for tomorrow's match between River Plate and Talleres Cordoba.

The match will start at 09:00 Singapore time, which is 9:00 p.m. New York time. I'll have the cut-off for the responses 1 hour before kick-off at 08:00. Still early days in the giveaway but hopefully we'll see more participants today.

If there are no winners, I'll divide the prize across all participants. If there are multiple winners, will divide the prize across the winners.

Please post in this format: River Plate 1 : 3 Talleres Cordoba