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Crypto Is Showing Strength Despite The FUD by @steemychicken1


Oh, I wish that you are right... 😃 But, I doubt that ALL banks will collapse... It is obvious that they don't care about small, regional banks, as they will fall first... But, I digress as I don't care at all about banks... 😂
It's more important what you said about crypto... I suppose that people have less and less trust in any banks (and FED) and they don't swallow as much BS as before, so, sooner or later, crypto will not "care about external" stuff... Which is the point of it, isn't it?
Those who own crypto know what they own and how valuable it is (and can be) and many will not sell it whatever FUD is out there...

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Long Term Game, Splinterlands by @rehan12


Splinterlands has become a big ecosystem with plenty of 3rd party services that allows you to play the game in many different ways. Great post!

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Texas Roadhouse: Market Friday by @dswigle


After having a very "thin" breakfast, I have to admit that it was a bad idea to check out your post BEFORE lunchtime! 😂🤣
The place looks cool and it's a nice mix of traditional and modern kitchen... And that Bacon Cheeseburger looks so tasty...

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Soulkeep First Impressions! Is Splinterlands New Tower Defense Game A Major Hit?! by @bulldog1205


Thanks for sharing your first impressions and overview of the gameplay. As a former big Tower Defense player, I have to echo your thoughts on this, I am not sure how I will find the gameplay when you cannot place the units exactly where you might want and also a big thing is making adjustments as the game progresses.
That being said, I think it will be a great enhancement to the Splinterlands eco-system and when more features are added, this could be much bigger. PvP and seeing the SPS rewards/staking system are some things I would like to see.

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