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Curation reward: 0.02232057 POB for elopinky/physical-attention-for-sustainability-romanance
Curation reward: 0.04485942 POB for sayago/black-and-white-photography-or-27b5999f5d1ff
Curation reward: 0.04065637 POB for bhattg/the-journey-of-determination-and
Curation reward: 0.02229458 POB for gurseerat/not-feeling-well-iaac-768
Curation reward: 0.02229284 POB for maxwellmarcusart/resting-cat-digital-drawing
Curation reward: 0.02253277 POB for fantagira/not-always-nice-and-dandy
Curation reward: 0.04523723 POB for taskmaster4450/hive-it-can-happen-to-you
Curation reward: 0.04560691 POB for tattoodjay/sublime-and-beautiful-sunday-a-few-birds
Curation reward: 0.04046841 POB for helios.publisher/helios-daily-post-20230917t000002213z
Curation reward: 0.04040881 POB for tonull/burn-post-20230917t000002577z
Curation reward: 0.04481977 POB for sofathana/strolling-through-a-renovated-bolivar-square-de-paseo-por-una-renovada-plaza-bolivar
Curation reward: 0.04446044 POB for grisvisa/mi-posparto
Curation reward: 0.04016515 POB for bhattg/escaping-the-social-media-trap
Curation reward: 0.03997834 POB for malos10/engoresp-beautiful-tourist-viewpoint-called-monte-carmelo
Curation reward: 0.03996897 POB for anomadsoul/approaching-crypto-as-a-business
Curation reward: 0.04459606 POB for taskmaster4450/what-banks-and-others-are-missing-about-crypto-transformation
Curation reward: 0.04003557 POB for acesontop/the-barber-knows-everything-but-bitcoin
Curation reward: 0.02204703 POB for invest-time/cest-le-weekend
Curation reward: 0.02193127 POB for tht/the-grapes-are-ripe-the
Curation reward: 0.0219008 POB for gems.and.cookies/love-the-clouds-contest-183-chasing-downtown-sunsets
Curation reward: 0.02185344 POB for hemuz/abstract-geometrics
Curation reward: 0.02198807 POB for penyaircyber/perlambang
Curation reward: 0.04334759 POB for tonull/burn-post-20230916t000003114z
Curation reward: 0.04119684 POB for helios.publisher/helios-daily-post-20230916t000002300z
Curation reward: 0.04326529 POB for melonqueen/my-second-cruise-a-trip-on-the-baltic-sea-part-iv-copenhagen-engger
Curation reward: 0.04131546 POB for hebrew/the-language-of-ivrit-bryt-genesis-43-post-2
Curation reward: 0.02206992 POB for javivisan/javivisans-daily-giveaway---splinterland-cards-2023-09-15-20230915t181702z
Curation reward: 0.03319452 POB for bhattg/my-journey-through-changing-schools
Curation reward: 0.02191853 POB for amaterasusolar/my-spiritual-experience
Curation reward: 0.04389516 POB for zirochka/in-contrast
Curation reward: 0.02182417 POB for savagetobi/let-s-work-together
Curation reward: 0.02070439 POB for alt-runner/strange-world-we-are-living
Curation reward: 0.0203901 POB for soyanafuentes/the-power-of-sleeping-well-the-downside-esp-eng
Curation reward: 0.02041107 POB for eagleswing/jflqdzpt
Curation reward: 0.03661924 POB for helios.publisher/helios-daily-post-20230915t000002154z
Curation reward: 0.04067907 POB for tonull/burn-post-20230915t000002096z
Curation reward: 0.02023586 POB for steevc/enjoying-some-crowdfunded-entertainment
Curation reward: 0.02021564 POB for matadonya/parama-1694718386721
Curation reward: 0.02049168 POB for emreal/rainy-season-will-be-the
Curation reward: 0.03662935 POB for erikah/exploring-the-fagaras-citadel
Curation reward: 0.04068772 POB for belug/come-walk-with-me-on-lake-como-and-bellagio-discovering-a-paradise-in-italy-eng-esp
Curation reward: 0.03666404 POB for bhattg/unlocking-early-retirement-a-guide
Curation reward: 0.04071491 POB for revisesociology/job-planning
Curation reward: 0.04111253 POB for taskmaster4450/hive-killer-voice-to-cease-operations-the-lessons-to-take-away
Curation reward: 0.04151781 POB for tonull/burn-post-20230914t095544763z
Curation reward: 0.02027697 POB for sapphirecrypto/the-inimitable-psychology-of-investors-and-traders
Curation reward: 0.02025018 POB for slwzl/un-regalo-especial-de-haniel-es-en
Curation reward: 0.02020429 POB for glorydee/rvcvnveu
Curation reward: 0.03641785 POB for brofund/we-are-looking-for-interesting-people
Curation reward: 0.03260635 POB for helios.publisher/helios-daily-post-20230914t000002254z
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