Empowerment in proofofbrain


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Empowerment is the power given to someone to be independent or to do something. It also the process of getting stronger and standard, especially in one's life.

Getting to the top is hard, it could be an easy one if their is help.
So many newbies and oldies wish to be like @onealfa, @leprechaun, to up vote people in the community but is not an easy task to save up to that level.
Each an every time, i try to save 50% of my POB but there was a time I unstake it all and sold, when I needed it for something important.

I don't know but think have read it once that they have once delegate for people in the community, that was good and I will say this should continue because that's the only way to empower the members, since most of our post is not encouraging, low up vote and sometimes no comment, this discourage, then how do you want such person with low upvote to save up to what @onealfa had?

It would take the person many years and that's even if he save 100% of the PoB.
Many don't care about others in the community, they just want to make their money, invest and sell when market raises, though is good because everyone has the right to decide for himself but helping each other in the community will stir some up and make the community a better one.

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