RE: Random Thought of the Day - Daily Contest #20 - Is suffering an important part of being human?


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This is a very good one and I must say a big congratulations to you mate's ,you are really done well enough to be on that list and for @houseofdavid ,it is a very good one for you,that list show the effect of luck as far as this contest is concern.

Another thing I want to look at is how do we manage time,i.might not be able to really explain that much but I will give little why time is essential and moment lost or mismanaged can't be recover again,that is why our time used judiciously so that it can bring out a better end results,at a point in life I see time as opportunity,cause it cause with a choice to take and leave us with the freedom of how to use it and what to use it on,so generally I want to say time is another word for opportunity,and it now depends on how you see and you it

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