The Art Of The Fire Wolf Character. What Do My Friends Think Of My Drawing ?


Today I started my second post after my self introduction in Hive and started looking for some communities and I found a new Game project which is HoloZing. I am the one who wants to start this account for My Image Art and have read some posts about this project that amazed me, how not HoloZing is a game project that has not been launched but has been booming first at the same time I see many who have been hoping and waiting for the launch of this HoloZing Game in the near future.

There are many suggestions to participate in this project by delegating Hive Power, but considering that I am still a newcomer so I have not yet joined and of course I will do delegation and staking Zing tokens over time.

So as an action I am a very fond of drawing and playing games I want to draw one character in the HoloZing Game that is a fire Wolf. Honestly maybe my picture is not good because even I use a simple tool which I do not have the tools to paint and possess and I want an assessment of friends in the comments.

Start Drawing

The first step I did was to sketch the fire Wolf character first using a pencil that was not too thick like painting, this is also the most important part in drawing because the initial foundation of an image.


After I make sure all the details of the sketch are perfect then I immediately make a thick pencil line using black dye. At first I sketched with a thin pencil because if I was wrong in drawing the sketch it would be easier to erase it.


After coloring the sketch lines I removed the pencil traces on the sketch before I colored the entire body of the Fire Wolf.

The first part of the body that I colored was in the fire part of the Wolf and I think Here lies the uniqueness and looks cooler at the same time the character of the Fire Wolf


After the part of the fire on The Wolf finished I colored I started thinking about the idea to make the stone on which the Wolf stands to make it look more gentelmen and I started to make it but did not color it with dye because I think there is nothing suitable for the color of the stone so it is more suitable pencil color only. After making it I continued to color the body of the fire Wolf character.


However, it is very unfortunate that apparently the dye I have is not suitable for the color of the fire wolf skin like the one on the forehead of the official character of the HoloZing Fire Wolf and I color the same as the body color only.


And The Art of the Fire Wolf character I finished making which when I looked at it was very funny and cool I really liked it. But apparently the dye I used was slow drying so I had to wait for it to dry first to make it look more real.



This is my participation for now hope you all like my wolf HoloZing character art work and later I will draw also update my illustrations about the characters of the characters in the HoloZing game.

Big thanks to @acidyo who has founded HoloZing this game and to his helpers who have worked hard as well as to all friends who have participated in this game project.

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My Regard


You have made a good fine drawing. Soon you will have enough hp t delegate. Welcome to hive