The Power To Acquire Anytime: Types Of Freedom Money Gives

One of the reasons people are always chasing after this money is because of the power it has and the freedom it gives along with it. So many of us here have not experienced lots of things in this world, not because we don’t want to but because we can’t afford to. For instance, you think I don’t want to try the roof restaurant in Dubai? But I can’t afford to fly myself to Dubai to experience that right now. Lots of people focus on making money to impress others that they forget that, theirselves is the most priority. This is why, when they finally make this money they use it for something irrelevant.
There are so many freeedom money can give, we have the Location Freedom, Financial Freedom and the Time Freedom. These are the freedoms money can give. I have already given an example of location freedom earlier. No matter how people try to not give money it’s credit, we can’t deny the fact that not only can money create happiness it can also make life easier. If you have enough money to have location freedom you can be anywhere at anytime. Except it’s a condition that is beyond money like bad weather. You can decide to have your breakfast, lunch and dinner in different countries. They are a lot of things needed to travel across countries and money is the most important thing needed.

Financial Freedom is another freedom money can give. This is the power to acquire anything, even health. A lot of people have died because they couldn’t afford the medical bills, but that is not going to be a problem for a person with too much money. You don’t care about the bills, you just want things done how you want it and when you want it. Imagine not checking the price of things when buying, imagine not limiting your purchase because of money but because it’s wasteful to buy more than what you want.

Then time, this is the most sensitive part of having financial freedom. Lots of people have used money as a measure of time to acquire what they want to acquire. For instance, you see a lot of people saying they want to get married when they are extremely financial buoyant, this means if they are not financially buoyant before the age of 40 they are not getting married or having children. They assume before that age, they must have gotten their lives figured, enough to want to start a family. But people that have the money don’t consider money as a reason to not get married but finding the right person. If they want to have kids, they can decide based on how mentally ready they are.

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