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Thank you. I didn't know initially where my characters would take me, and that's par for the course. I have found personally that my writing flow improves when I stop trying to force things in the direction that I want to go and just allow my characters to speak to me and lead me where they want to go. I only knew that there would be a chance meeting, the magnitude and significance of which, ironically, would go unrealised in the moment, and that my main character would experience the antithesis of Eureka. I am not sure how many people picked up on the subtle hints dropped throughout the story that Einstein was the other man in the waiting room. I tried to weave into the story little hints of who the man in the corner was, from references to the general early 1900's style of dress, to Einstein's own appearance and very specific dressing habits at the age of 26. I also referenced the approximate 15 years it took him to formulate his special theory of relativity, which it is surmised began sometime between his 12th and 16th birthday. I introduced a play on words with respect to how Mr !Akerue was feeling after rejection, with references to matter and energy, and used irony in his belief that he would never come face to face with sheer genius (after already having met Einstein whose discovery had not yet been published!). I know it has made the story quite a sad one for Mr !Akerue :-(

!Akerue is, however, Eureka backwards (not quite the mirror image of the first paragraph, but close lol). The urban dictionary describes an !Akerue moment as "the moment when one discovers that a belief or hypothesis is wrong, a sudden awakening from a delusion..." . If it's any consolation, I tried to leave the reader, through the knowledge of hindsight, with the uplifting realisation that the introduction of Einstein's name at the end would bring; that a Eureka moment would be achieved that day, just not by Mr !Akerue. We may all have little eureka moments in our own lives but not everyone can be a genius :-) I am glad, nevertheless, that you enjoyed it :-)

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