My mind is getting the Vibranium. I might not minimize my risks.

I am looking forward to my payout to get to liquidity, just to participate in the new project ‘Verify Your Brain’ #VYB.

I got enlightened from my last post requesting for clarification about the new trend on the #POB ecosystem. To be honest; the turn up of users supporting the project gives the goosebumps to try to also claim my own vyb token.

Although, most people lost hope in the proof of brain community due to decrease in posting trends and interactions. Seems the new project would give the POB community the light hope again and the users can regain there hope towards the community.


I just hope to have enough to claim my vyb token from the third list here; this would add to my achievements before the end of December 👌.

Also, using the medium to appreciate the leaders in the community, doing all they can to make everyone within the ecosystem always finding the joys delegating themselves and improving the Brain experiences. Especially, the upgrades everyone is expecting.

POB and VYB, would be taking the lead again on Hive😁😋, this are my instincts and my believes towards the ecosystem.

Thank You.

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