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I've recently returned from work activities that took me away from pretty much everything. It happens. It's good to see people in the Hive community continuing to utilize #VYB and other tags that are part of the Verify Your Brain communities.

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How did the Verify Your Brain (VYB) community start?


#VYB Conception

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The Start?

The Verify Your Brain community started as the brainchild of @trostparadox. I believe he started thinking about creating a general-content group with some unique features sometime early in 2021.

Proof of Brain

In its earlier days, FOMO, among other things, drove the price of POB higher and higher. Like anything else, however, FUD reared its head, and the excitement of the new community began to wane. The Proof of Brain community continues still, albeit at a lower value.


Downvoting will always be a hot topic. I feel this is the driving force behind the existence of the Verify Your Brain community. At its heart, on #VYB, people can post the content they wish without fear of retaliatory downvoting. If you don't like the content, you simply don't vote on it. It's a concept that is easier thought of than implemented.

However, if there is suspicion, then those authors committing the fraud would get muted. In the case of muting, the VYB admins would report applications of the mute to the community. Given that there is no downvote function in the Verify Your Brain community, the responsibility for moderation fell to both the community and moderators.


#VYB Announcements

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11/23/21Announcing the Verify Your Brain tribe and its token, VYB (vybrainium)
12/16/21VYB Airdrop Info -- FINAL Tabulation for Eligible Accountholders
12/18/21VYB Official Launch Post (12/18/21)
1/8/22Announcing the VYB Curation Project (VCP)
1/11/22VYB Announcements: Rewards Pool, Governance, Project Fund
1/13/22Invitations to Join the VYB Stewardship Board (VSB)
1/22/22Announcing the VYB Moderation Policy, accompanied by the VYB Anti-Abuse Team (AAT)
1/25/22Vybrainium Moderation
1/26/22VYB Announcements: Rewards Pool, Voting Window, Inclusionary Tags, Exclusionary Tags, VYB Project Fund
2/22/22VYB Curation Project (VCP): February '22 Update & Discussion


VYB Governance

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#VYB Moderation

Moderation is of particular interest to me. I know, for instance, that plagiarism is wrong. We should act to eliminate it. Everything else that is fraudulent appears to be in shades of gray.

Some articles get highly rewarded while others don't. There are lots of reasons to explain this, but not everyone agrees. The gray areas were something I've always been interested in addressing. Moderation in VYB hasn't been very consistent. I feel that we could perform better in this area. I endeavor to address this in the weeks to come.

#VYB Stewardship

The concept behind VYB stewardship is something I'm looking forward to seeing come into reality. I like the idea of a council, of sorts, coming together to push the community forward. VYB's product is a community of generalized content free from the DV'ing atmosphere. It has great appeal and could do a lot of good for Hive. The board would evaluate the state of the community and act to implement measures that drive it forward to improve the tribe. I hope to see it implemented this year.


What does the future hold?

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We continue to post, engage, and plan for the future. It's good to see people still utilizing the #VYB tag, and in time we should be proceeding forward with the stewardship board. I'd love to see what an initiative like this can do for a community.

In terms of my engagement, my future is uncertain. Like perhaps many others, I have events in my life that may affect how much I continue to participate in Hive.


In Closing

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Thank you for reading and following on throughout my Hive journey. I appreciate the support and engagement Hive has provided. Let's keep moving forward with the community.

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